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New Year

New Year is just around the corner. I hate setting resolutions but I do like to reflect and think about what we have accomplished.

The past few years haven't been great for us filming weddings, we are very grateful we picked up other lines of work but gosh we missed our weddings. Things picked up towards summer, and we were over the moon to meet such amazing couples and help capture their special day.

Jess and I have loved 2021, we’ve been part of some pretty special days and the feedback from our couples has knocked our socks off. There was a couple of close calls for us…. We very nearly cried at a few, but we managed to compose ourselves.

The thing we will both take away from this year is the huge amount of love we have seen. Obviously, weddings are already filled with love but we’ve noticed the hugs are tighter and a little bit longer, the tears come so much quicker and the laughter is raucous. I think people just appreciate spending time with their loved ones and are making the most out of every situation.

We love to capture the preparations, most follow tradition and tend not to see each other so it's nice to film this and for each couple to see this after the wedding. Then for us it's the moment the music starts up and everyone is eager to see the newlywed walk down the aisle. Then there are the speeches, I love love love seeing family and friends responses. We usually set up a few Gopros to help get as many hysterical faces as possible.

We are super excited for 2022, we have an epic festival wedding in May which we just can’t wait for, it really is going to be something special. Then we have two wedding fayres booked in for January, we love finding out about the big day and giving you advice on filming it so you have it to watch a million times.

Bring on 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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